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Aug 2019

A Good Man Is Hard To Find - S01 EP3

August 15, 2019

Show Notes:

Hosts:  Peter Holmes & Renee Kohler

Guest:  Anna Hitchings




 Finding a good Catholic man to date is difficult.

• A shortage of good men

• Qualities of a good man

• The Definition of dating

• The Catholic dating scene

• Bad experiences with dating

• Traditions, expectations and freedom

• Liberated women

• The Porn culture and what it does to men and women

• Boundaries and expectations

• Being “worldly wise”

• The Disney factor

• What is courtship?


Links and Resources:

Anna Hitchings’ blog

Anna’s original article


Several response articles mentioned in the podcast:

Phillippa Martyr - Be in love with God first

Camillus O'Kane - It’s not hard to find Mr Right, just change your perspective

And “Learn from us! Mums offer dating advice”

The story was picked up by the Australian

and in a follow-up interview with Rod Dreher

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